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Creating the Project and Downloading MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) Harmony Content

Setup MPLAB® X MCC Plugin

Before starting to use MCC with Harmony, the plugin should be configured to the right installation of the Harmony Framework.

If you do not have an MPLAB Harmony v3 dedicated folder, please create one on your computer. We suggest something like C:\Microchip\Harmony\v3.

In MPLAB X IDE open Tools > Options and go to Plugins.
Select the tab MPLAB Code Configurator and scroll to the Harmony Content Path.

Browse for the folder where Harmony was/will be downloaded and check the checkbox Always ask for Harmony Content Path when opening the project.

MPLAB X MCC Options Window

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Create a New Project

Start the New Project Wizard and Choose Project Type

Open MPLAB X IDE and from the File menu, choose New Project.

Select 32-bit MCC Harmony Project and click Next.

MCC Harmony New Project Window

Verify Harmony Installation Path

The path to your MPLAB Harmony 3 installation folder should be already populated.
If not, create a folder somewhere on your computer, like for example C:\Microchip\Harmony\v3, and point the project to use that path.
The MPLAB Harmony 3 necessary files will be downloaded to that path, later during these steps.

MCC Harmony Framework Path

Provide Project Name and Location

Location: should be a folder of the user choice on the local computer.

Folder: is name of the “.x” folder where files for the MPLAB X IDE project will reside.

Name: is what will be displayed in the MPLAB X IDE project explorer.

After completing these, click on Next.

MCC Harmony Project Name and Location

Update Project Configuration Name and Target Device

Give a name for the MPLAB X IDE configuration, “default” can be used.

The device used in the project is PIC32MZ2048EFM144. Copy the device name and paste it to Device Filter to have the Target Device properly selected.

Click the Finish button.

MCC Harmony Configuration Settings

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MCC Content Manager Wizard

After the project has been created for MPLAB X IDE, MCC will automatically start and ask for the Framework to use.

In the time this guide is made, the only Framework that supports 32-bit devices is MPLAB Harmony.

Select MPLAB Harmony.

MCC Content Manager Wizard

Select Required Content

The Content Manager Wizard will start, by automatically adding Required Content to be downloaded. If the Harmony Framework is not downloaded yet on your computer, the Required Content should show three packages to download:

  • csp
  • dev_packs
  • quick_docs

If the Framework is already present, then the required content could be empty or show that some updates are available.

MCC Content Manager Wizard Required Content

Pay attention to component (module) versions. The application may work when using the latest available versions, but it may not.

Each time the project is generated successfully using Harmony, a file called harmony-manifest-success.yml is created. You can find it in this folder: src\config\<config_name>. The content of the .yml file at the time the documentation is written is shown in the following figure.
Contents of harmony-manifest-success.yml

Add Optional Content

There is content that is needed for this application, and that needs to be downloaded now using the Wizard. If the Harmony packages are already installed, they will not appear in this list.

MCC Content Manager Wizard Optional Content

Scroll to Optional Content and find the required Harmony modules and tick them for download.

Check Harmony Networking Stack and Solutions

  • net
Harmony Networking Stack and Solutions

Check Harmony Core

  • bsp
  • core
Harmony Core

Check Harmony Graphics Solutions

  • gfx
Harmony Graphics Solutions

Check Harmony Tools

  • mhc
Harmony Tools

Check Harmony Cryptographic solutions

  • crypto
Harmony Cryptographic solutions

Check Harmony Capacitive Touch solutions

  • touch
Harmony Capacitive Touch solutions

Check Harmony WolfSSL solutions

  • wolfssl
Harmony WolfSSL solutions



Click on Finish to start downloading the content and have the MCC project created.

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Download the Content

All the necessary content, if any, should start downloading.

Expand them to see progress.

MCC Content Manager Wizard Progress

Wait for the packages to download. Some of them are big and may take time to complete.

Expand component groups to see the individual component checkout status.

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Open the MCC Project

Choose the Harmony Framework Path

When finished, two windows should appear… click Next.

MCC Harmony Framework Path Initializing

MCC Project View

Then, MCC should open as:

MCC Project View

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