CI/CD Wizard in MPLAB® X IDE

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/06/24 06:29

The CI/CD Wizard is an MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) feature that helps you set up an automated build and test pipeline tailored to your MPLAB X project. Find CI/CD Wizard in MPLAB X IDE under Tools > CI/CD Wizard.

CI/CD Wizard

Using the CI/CD Wizard, you can:

  1. Create tailor-made Dockerfiles. These files are recipes for generating Docker images. Docker images are used to create Docker containers. Docker containers contain all your MPLAB X IDE project settings needed to build, i.e., the version of MPLAB X IDE, MPLAB XC toolchain, XC license handling, Device File Pack (DFP) and tool pack.
  2. Create Jenkinsfiles. These files are used to set up a Jenkins pipeline that describes how to build and test your MPLAB X IDE project on a Jenkins build server using Docker containers.
  3. Handle MPLAB XC PRO compiler licenses in a build server setting.
  4. Create and launch a Docker container using a Jenkins server. This enables you to quickly test out build pipelines or serves as a base for a locally-hosted Jenkins server.
  5. Set up the automated build pipeline to include steps like:
    • MISRA checking
    • Executing tests with the simulator
    • Executing tests on hardware
    • Collecting code coverage data
    • Generating documentation with Doxygen