Compiler Requirements for MPLAB® X IDE

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/06/24 06:29

​The MPASM™ assembler toolchain is a 32-bit application and is no longer installed with MPLAB® X IDE starting with v5.40. This means no toolchain will be available by default when MPLAB X IDE is installed for the first time. Therefore, you will see a message on opening MPLAB X IDE that there is no toolchain installed. Here is a list of supported compilers and assemblers. 

Supported Compilers and Assemblers

CompilerToolchain64-Bit Only Version
MPLAB XC8XC82.05 and later
PIC® Assembler1XC82.05 and later
MPLAB XC16XC161.50 and later
MPLAB XC32/XC32++XC322.40 and later
Arm® GNUArm GNU5.3.1 and later
AVR® GNUAVR GNU3.4.3 and later
AVR Assembler2AVRASM22.2.6 and later

1. See "MPASM™ to MPLAB® XC8 PIC® Assembler Migration Guide".
2. Included with Atmel Studio.