Embedded Tab under the Options Window in the Tools Menu of the MPLAB® X IDE

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Embedded Category Options

Generic Settings Tab

The Generic Settings tab of the Embedded category contains settings for the location where new projects will be created by default. It also contains a list of options that direct MPLAB® X IDE's behavior during the build and debug processes.

Projects Folder

This setting determines which directory will be used as the default save location when you create a new project. By default, the location is a folder called "MPLABXProjects" that is automatically created in your user directory. The user directory location varies by the operating system. In the case of Windows, it varies by version.

Generic Settings Options

Clear tool output window on the new session

Clear out the contents of the Output window when you begin a run, debug run or upload.

Halt build on the first failure

When building, halt the process on the first failure.
The selected project language tool can be set up to determine which errors are produced. Go to the Project Properties dialog and select the language tool under “Categories”. Then look through the Option Categories to find one that allows you to set up errors, warnings, and/or messages.

Maintain an active connection to the hardware tool

If selected, keep the hardware tool connected always, not just at runtime (MPLAB IDE v8 behavior).
When switching projects with this option selected (e.g., when developing bootloading applications), ensure the tool and device are the same to avoid error messages.

Silent build

Build without generating messages in the Output window.

Enable alternate watch list views during debug sessions

Display three watch view diamonds in the Watches window. Associate a watch view with a watch variable. When you click on a watch view diamond, only the variables associated with that view will be displayed. This feature works like a filter.

Reset @

Select action on reset.

  • Main: Stop at main() on reset.
  • Reset Vector: Stop at the Reset vector on reset.

Debug startup

Select action on debug start.

  • Run: Start execution immediately.
  • Main: Stop at main().
  • Reset Vector: Stop at the Reset vector.

Default Charset

Select the default character set for the project.

Project Options Tab

The Project Options tab of the Embedded category contains settings for the Make program that directs the entire process of building a project. It also provides a means of selecting the default file path storage method.

Make Options

Text string options for the compiler Make process are set here.

File Path Mode

Determines how to store the file paths in a project.

  • Always Relative stores paths as relative to the project root.
  • Always Absolute stores paths as absolute paths.
  • Auto stores paths as relative to project root if inside the project, otherwise as absolute paths.

Project Options Tab

Build Tools Tab

The Build Tools tab contains a list of all the installed build tools, as established by an automatic scan of your system. From here, you can rescan for tools that you may have installed recently or manually add a tool that was not found by the scan.

Tool Chain

Each installed language tool is listed, including its version number. Multiple versions of each tool can be installed at the same time.

Scan for Build Tools

This will rescan your environment and recreate the default toolchains.

Tools Options Build Tools Tab




The MISRA® Check tab below supports checking your application code against these standards. For more on how to use MISRA Check and make a selection on this tab, see the “MPLAB Analysis Tool Suite User’s Guide”.

MISRA Check Tab


Managed Tools

Select remote connections to use. Add a new connection for a:

  • Remote USB Tool (Plugin required)
  • Remote Ethernet Tool
  • Generic Serial Port


Managed Tools Tab

Suppressible Messages Tab

The Suppressible Messages tab of contains a list of warning messages that frequently occur during normal debug and programming operations. Each can be suppressed using a check box.

Suppressible Messages Tab

Diagnostics Tab

The Diagnostics tab of the Embedded category contains the logging options for use during debug sessions and with Microchip's hardware debuggers.

Diagnostics Tab

Other Tab

The Other tab of the Embedded category contains the list of default extensions MPLAB X will recognize when compiling with a variety of different programming languages. These can be edited to suit your needs.

Other Tab