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Types, Namespaces, and Files

Macro (#define)macro symbol
System Includesystem include symbol
User Includeuser include symbol
class (C++)class symbol
class Forward Declaration (C++)class forward declaration symbol
friend class (C++)friend class symbol
enumtype enum symbol
Enumerator (C++)enumerator symbol
structtype struct symbol
struct Forward Declaration (C++)struct forward declaration symbol
typedeftype typedef symbol
uniontype union symbol
Template Parameter (C++)symbol template parameter symbol
Namespace (C++)symbol namespace symbol
Namespace Alias (C++)symbol-namespace-alias.png
Namespace Using (C++)namespace using symbol
Using Declaration (C++)using declaration symbol
C/C++ Projecttype project symbol
Librarytype library symbol

Variables, Constants, Functions, Fields, and Methods

Global Constantglobal constant symbol
Local Constantlocal constant symbol
Constantpublic constant symbolprotected constant symbolprivate constant symbol
Static Constantstatic public constant symbol  static protected constant symbolstatic private constant symbol
Constructorpublic constructor symbolsymbol-protected-constructor.pngprivate constructor symbol
DestructorDestructor symbolProtected Destructor symbolprivate destructor symbol
Functionfunction symbol
Static Functionstatic function symbol
Function Prototypefunction prototype symbol
Methodsymbol-method.pngprotected method symbol private method symbol 
Static Methodstatic method symbolstatic protected method symbolstatic private method symbol
Global Variableglobal variable symbol
Static Variablestatic variable symbol
Extern Variableextern variable symbol
Local Variablelocal variable symbol
Member Variablefield symbolprotected field symbolprivate field symbol
Static Member Variablestatic field symbolstatic protected field symbolstatic private field symbol
Operatoroperator symbolprotected operator symbolprivate operator symbol
Static Operatorstatic operator symbolstatic protected operator symbolstatic private operator symbol