MPLAB® Data Visualizer Plugin

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MPLAB® Data Visualizer is a graphical run-time debugging tool that can display run-time variables, functions, and power data of an embedded application.The data visualizer is available as an MPLAB plugin or a standalone debugging tool. As of MPLAB X IDE v5.50, the plugin is included as part of the IDE, accessed by clicking on a toolbar icon data visualizer button.

This debug tool is capable of receiving data from various sources such as the Embedded Debugger Data Gateway Interface (DGI) and COM ports. Track your application's run-time using a terminal or graph. Having control of your code's run-time behavior has never been easier.

example output of the data visualizer plugin

Data can be graphed as:

  • A raw streaming 8-bit variable.
  • Multiple variables in a data streaming protocol.

Visualization of program flow, logic analyzer functions:

  • Code instrumentation: Entering/exiting functions for timing analysis.
  • Debug DGI GPIO.


For more on data visualizer key features and operation, as well as links to download the standalone application, MPLAB X IDE plugin, and user's guide, see: MPLAB Data Visualizer Product Page.

Alternately, you can find the standalone application at: MPLAB Data Visualizer Standalone.

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