Settings Tab for Plugins in the MPLAB® X IDE

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/06/24 06:32

Use the Settings Tab to find new versions

To access the Plugins window, select from the main menu: Tools > Plugins

settings tab of the plugins window

The Settings Tab of the Plugins Window is used to view and change settings for the registered update centers and to set how often the IDE checks the update centers for updates.

This tab contains the following settings for managing update centers.

Configuration of Update Centers

The left pane displays the registered update centers. Click Edit or Remove to edit the update center details or remove the update center. Click Add to add a new update center. Type the details for the new update center in the Update Center Customizer dialog box.

Automatically Check for Updates

Specifies how often the IDE checks for updates. Use the drop-down list to select how often you want the IDE to check for updates. Click Proxy Settings to set any proxy settings needed to access the update centers.


Force install into shared directories. If selected, plugins are installed into directories that are accessible to users other than the current user in a multi-user environment. If unselected (default), the installed plugins are only available to the user who installed the plugin.