Configuring Project Build Options

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MPLAB® X IDE offers a simple way to configure the "Build Options" of your project. If this is your first time using our tools, the "Build Option" configuration allows you to change/configure the Programming Tools such as the ICD3, RealICE, ICD2 and any Compiler Tools such as C18, C30, HiTech, etc.

Displaying the Project Build Options Window

Opening the project build options window

MPLAB X IDE gives you two options to access the Build Option Configuration window of your project.

Option 1:
On the toolbar, click on "Run", select "Set Project Configuration" and then click on "Customize".

right click and select set project configurations

Option 2:
Right-click on the name of your project, select "Set Project Configuration" and then click on "Customize".

MPLAB X IDE will bring up the following window:

MPLAB X will then open project properties

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Modifying the Project Build Options

To see what programming and compiler tools are currently selected, click on "Default". The tools highlighted in blue are the current tools used by your project. In this instance, the Real ICE programming tool and the C18 compiler are currently being used (see accompanying image). To select any other tool, simply click on its name and click "Apply".

Project build options window

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Can MPLAB X IDE See My Programmer/Debugger?

If the serial number of your tool is shown as in the previous window, this means that MPLAB X IDE has detected your tool. In this example, the serial number of the Real ICE detected is shown and annotated as the "Active Programmer".

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Modifying the Programmer Configurations

project properties window

Clicking on the programmer name, in this case, Real ICE, gives you access to further configuration "Option categories", such as:

Memories to Program

  •  Auto Select Memories and Ranges
  • Program Memory
  • Program Memory Start
  • Program Memory End

Debug Options

  • Use Software Breakpoints

Program Options

  • Erase All Before Program

Freeze Peripherals

  • Freeze Peripherals

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Modifying the Compiler Configurations

project properties window

Clicking on the compiler name, i.e. C18, brings up the following configuration options:



  • Enable Case Sensitivity
  • Default radix
  • Preprocessor macro definitions


  • Cross-reference file
  • Diagnostics level
  • Hex file format



  • Treat char as unsigned
  • Enable integer promotion
  • Enable verbose output
  • Default storage class
  • Diagnostic level
  • Preprocessor macro definitions
  • Include directories

Memory Model

  • Code model
  • Data model
  • Enable multi-bank stack model


  • Generate map file
  • Generate COD file
  • HEX file format
  • Generate HEX file
  • Library directories

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