Loading Different Setups in the Project Properties Window of the MPLAB X IDE

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/06/24 06:33

Loading a Setup in the Project Properties Window

Open the Project Properties window (File > Project Properties) and click on Loading.

shows the loading option in the project properites box

Loading an Alternative Hex File

  1. Click to check “Load this .hex file instead of …”.
  2. Click the ellipses () to open the Add Loadable File dialog. For details on adding the hex file using this dialog, see "Combining the Current Project Hex File with Other Hex Files".

The next time you build the current project, the alternative hex file will load on build complete.

shows how to load an alternate hex file

Loading Debug Symbols During Program/Build

The checkbox to “Load symbols when programming or building for production (slows process)” allows you to load debug symbols when programming, as when using RTDM with DMCI, Motor Control applications, etc. Otherwise, the checkbox should be left unchecked to speed up programming and building (default).

shows how to load symbols during debug