MPLAB® X IDE v5.xx Project Compatibility

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/06/24 06:33

MPLAB® X IDE v5.xx New Project Format

The new project format in MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) v5.xx and greater, supports packs that contain versioned device and tool information. These packs can be found under <MPLAB X IDE install directory>\v5.xx\packs


Projects created in or updated to v5.xx or greater are not backward compatible with v4.xx.

Managing Projects

When you open a project created prior to v5.xx, a message displays that it will upgrade the project to the current project version.

  • If you choose Yes, the project will be upgraded to the current version and the project can no longer be opened with the earlier version of the MPLAB X IDE.
  • If you choose No, you cannot save any modifications to the project in v5.00 or greater. You must make any changes in v4.xx.

If you upgraded a project to v5.xx but need to revert a project back to v4.xx, install the plugin in MPLAB X IDE found under Tools > Plugins > Available Plugins > Save As v4.xx Project. Once that plugin is installed, you can save your project in the older version by selecting Tools > Embedded > Save as MPLAB X v4.xx Project.

About Packs

Previously, in v4.20 and earlier, supported device files were built into each MPLAB X IDE version. You could not update the devices supported in this version; you had to wait until the next MPLAB X IDE version for device support.

Now (v5.xx and latest versions), the device files are grouped into versioned device family packs. Although each MPLAB X IDE version comes with device packs, as of v5.30 you can upgrade the device pack version to include new devices, new device feature support, or device bug fix support. As of v5.35, tool packs with the latest debug tool firmware are also available.

See the "Device Packs and Tool Packs Used in MPLAB X® Projects" page for more on device and tool packs.