Servers and Ports Used by MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC)

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MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) URL

MCC default online Docs server(default online docs)

MCC Help Page

Content manager technical Help link

Classic technical help link

MCC Melody technical help link

Device Support by MCU Family

MCC Home Page
MCC Forum
MCC YouTube link for more details443
MCC Statistics URL
MCC Content manager URLhttp://localhost:<randomport>/cores/{core-version}/content-manager/www/package/build/index.htmlrandom port
MCC Views URL http://localhost:<randomport>/html/plugin/bootstrap.html?key=<random integer>&port=<randomport>random port
Content ManagerMPLAB Harmony Contents
Default MPLAB Harmony catalog file path
Harmony Catalog link :

From the catalog.yml file of above git repo, individual catalogs can be viewed and for each harmony content the raw file URL will be obtained

Raw file URL will be formatted as below.{PROJECT_NAME}/{REPO_NAME}/{BRANCH-NAME/TAG-NAME}/{FILE-NAME}

The values for the above variable will be available in the catalog file

PROJECT_NAME                              : path

REPO_NAME                                    : name

{BRANCH-NAME/TAG-NAME}          : master/ tag name eg, v3.6.0

{FILE-NAME}                                     : any file name of the files in the given repo


MCC Harmony library :<harmony-artifact-file-name>



MCC Melody

NPM Registry


Initial MCC Melody Content catalog  will be fetched from the following URL

This URL will list several catalogs for eg
"catalogs": [
            "name": "@mchp-mcc/melody-16bit-catalog",
            "version": "*"
            "name": "@mchp-mcc/melody-8bit-catalog",
            "version": "*"
            "name": "@mchp-mcc/melody-common-catalog",
            "version": "*"
Using this info the melody catalog info will be fetched using the following URL<name> 
This will return a list of melody content with the following info
"content": [
            "name": "@mchp-mcc/adc-multicore-driver",
            "version": ">=1.0.0",
            "meta": {
using this info the content version information will be obtained using 

Content manager auto-download URL<Content manager artifactName>



User Guide

MCC Libraries xml URL




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