MPLAB® X IDE Development Cycle

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/06/24 06:34

Developing MCU Application Code

There are several steps required for the development of an MCU application code when using MPLAB® X IDE. 

  1. Create an MPLAB X project. Add and edit the source code files for your application needs.
  2. Debug the application using MPLAB X IDE's software simulator. This will allow you to verify the basic functionality of your code while protecting your design's circuitry in case of any unanticipated malfunctions in your code.
  3. When you are sure your code has a reasonable chance of running on hardware, select the programmer/debugger and continue to debug your code on an actual microcontroller hardware.
  4. When all errors have been removed, click on the 'Program Target' icon to put your application into a microcontroller, then remove the programmer/debugger and system test the operation of the application without an attached programmer/debugger.
  5. Generate the production HEX file for production release.

the mplab x development cycle