Troubleshooting the MPLAB® X IDE Install

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HEXMATE Conflict Report Address Error

When HEXMATE generates a conflict report, the address of the conflict in the HEX file is sometimes not the same as the address shown in a memory window (where the data resides in memory). Take a look at the example given below.

Device FamilyAddress in HEX FileAddress in Memory
PIC18 MCUs0x1000x100
16-bit Devices0x1000x80*
32-bit Devices0x1000x100
* For some devices, the address shown in the conflict report is twice as large as the address of the data in memory.

MPLAB® X IDE will not run or won't start?

From time to time, the wrong series of events will conspire to keep MPLAB® X IDE from running. Anytime PCs are involved, there are several possible culprits but some of the more common causes and solutions are discussed below.

Upgraded To New Version

After installing a new version of MPLAB® X IDE, one of the last dialogs instructs you to restart your computer. If you forgot this step, the IDE may not start or if it does, it will not function properly. Make sure you restart your machine after a new installation or upgrade.
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Persistence Files Corrupted

MPLAB X IDE maintains a variety of settings, such as the last open project(s) and other session data in a series of persistence files. In the world of PCs, any number of events can cause file corruption: crashes, driver errors, faulty programs/utilities, and anti-virus software among many others. MPLAB X can be reset to its default state by deleting its persistence files. The next time you run MPLAB X, it will create new persistence files and everything should work again.
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Why Won't the Options Window Open When Selected From the Tools Menu?

Method 1: Move the Window With Keyboard Shortcuts

Sometimes when using two monitors and going from 2 to 1 the Options window might be rendered on the nonexistent screen. If this happens, you can try the following:

Select Tools > Options from the main menu, and wait 3 seconds to ensure the display will be rendered.

Press Alt + Space, then press to move. Now, you can use the arrow keys to move the virtualized window onto your main screen. If your secondary screen is normally to the right, use the left arrow. if your secondary screen is to the left, use the right arrow.
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Method 2: Delete the File

If you weren't using multiple monitors or Method 1 didn't work for you, try deleting the file.

Mac OSX~/Library/ApplicationSupport/mplab_ide/dev/version/config/Preferences/org/netbeans/modules/options/

In Windows, the AppData folder is usually hidden by default.
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