Dashboard Operations in the MPLAB® X IDE

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/06/24 06:34

What is the Dashboard?

The Project Dashboard contains information about the current project which can be useful to the developer. This page shows how to open the Dashboard and extract the data.

Items Found on the Dashboard Border

explaining the left column of the dashboard

Project Properties When pressed, this icon will open up the Project Properties window

Refresh icon This icon will cause the IDE to update the connection status of the selected debug tool

Enable Software Breakpoints icon Alternately disables or enables the breakpoint.

PDF icon Opens up a link to a web-based version of the datasheet, in PDF form, for the MCU being used

help.pngOpens up the help file for the compiler being used

Opening the Dashboard

From MPLAB® X IDE's main toolbar Select Window > Dashboard
opening the dashboard window

Unless it has been specifically moved in a previous setting, the Dashboard Window will open in the lower left-hand corner of the IDE.

shows where the dashboard opens as a default

What's Found Inside the Dashboard?

explaining what is in the dashboard

Once a project has been built the Dashboard Window will display the following information:

  • MCU
  • Program Checksum
  • Build Tool
  • Memory Usage
  • Debug Resources
  • Debug Tool