The MPLAB® X IDE Ecosystem

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/06/24 06:34

MPLAB® X IDE is the centerpiece of microcontroller development. It provides all the tools you need to write, build, and debug code. MPLAB X IDE is based on the NetBeans IDE and includes an editor, project manager, software simulator, and assemblers for all of our microcontroller architectures. High-level language compilers (C, C++, Basic, and others), both from Microchip and third parties, are available separately and are easily configured to work as if they were built into the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

MPLAB X IDE also acts as a front-end to many hardware tools such as in-circuit debuggers and programmers. While MPLAB X IDE isn't intended to be a production programming tool (MPLAB X Integrated Programming Environment (IPE) is better suited for that task), it still provides all the functionality needed to program devices using any Microchip programmer.

MPLAB X IDE is also very extensible with its plugin architecture. Many plugins, both from Microchip as well as third parties, are available to add new capabilities to the environment.

The mplab x ecosystem