Subversion Installation and Operation with Linux® in MPLAB® X IDE

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Subversion Client

The Subversion client contains the commands to interface with local and server repositories.

To install any application on Ubuntu, root permissions are required for the current user or you need to log in as root.

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How to Check if Subversion is Installed on Ubuntu and Install it if Not

Usually, Linux® systems install by default a version control system, but this depends on the Linux distribution.

To check if Subversion is installed on your machine, there are some very simple steps to follow:

Using the Terminal

Check Installation

Open a terminal.

Type the following command:

svn —version

If subversion is installed on your machine, then you should see listed some information about the svn client. For example:
Linux terminal view checking for installed subversion client

If subversion is not installed on your machine, then an error will be displayed.
Error message if subversion not installed

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Install Subversion

Since we have determined that the Subversion program is not installed under Ubuntu using the terminal, then we could install it as follows:

Open a terminal or use the terminal from the steps before.

Type the command:
sudo apt-get install subversion

You might be asked for your password. Type it and press Enter.

It is possible that a list of packages will need to be installed for Subversion to work. They will be listed and the message "Do you want to continue [Y/n]" will appear. Type y then Enter to agree.

After packages are downloaded from the internet, they will be installed on your system.

The install process should be finished when the command prompt line is free (blinking cursor near the $ sign).
Linux terminal window showing the install

Check the installation as mentioned in the "Check Installation" steps.


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Using a Visual Program - Synaptic Package Manager

Check Installation

Open the Synaptic Package Manager from the X Start Menu > System > Synaptic Package Manager.

You will be prompted to enter the password, please do so - remember, your user should have root permissions.
password window

After the program opens, a Quick filer window should be docked into the top area.

Type the word "subversion", a list of packages should be listed below while typing.

If subversion is installed, then it should have a green-filled bullet, if not, the checkbox should be empty.
Checking for subversion install

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Install Subversion

After we have determined that the subversion program is not installed into the system by following the steps mentioned above...

Click on the subversion checkbox and choose Mark for installation.

Click on the Apply button on the left of the Quick filter docked window.

A summary window should appear listing the changes needed for this package to be installed.
summary window
Click on Apply.

Wait for the downloads and installation to finish. The subversion package now should have a green bullet before.

Like other programs that use subversion, MPLAB X IDE also needs to use Subversion from the command line, so checking the installation from a terminal would be advisable.


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