Install Example and Exercise Files

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​Some examples and exercises may have installation instructions that supersede these. Please read the exercise or example page for any updates to these generic instructions.

Create Folder

While the examples and exercises should work from almost any directory as long as the path isn't too long, we recommend that you create one of the following directories for your specific platform. These are the paths we use in most of the examples and exercise instructions. Using the same path on your machine will help minimize confusion or mistakes.

On the Linux® and macOS® platforms, the MPLAB® X IDE installer will create the MPLABXProjects directory for you.

Operating SystemDirectory for Example or Exercise Files
  Microsoft® WindowsC:\MTT\exercise-name

Download Files Directly

Click the link to download the required files (usually found on the page that brought you here). Sometimes this will link directly to a file and prompt you for a download location on your machine. If that happens, just download them to the directory you created in step1, then skip to step 4. Other times, you will be taken to a download page.

Download Files from

Unzip Files

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