MPLAB® IPE Operate Option View

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/10 11:02

Advanced Mode settings must be set by someone authorized to do so after logging in to Advanced Mode. The settings that are selected in these dialogs will allow the production specialist to view and control certain options from the Settings menu.

After validating the password to log in to Advanced Mode, the dialog opens in the Operate Option view. This display is similar to the main display, with the addition of option buttons located along the left side of the window. See the Operate Option button in the accompanying image.

In Advanced Mode, the production specialist can change the default behavior of Production Mode by clicking on the other features that are listed on the left side of the window, such as PowerMemory, and Environment. This allows adding or removing features at authorized personnel’s discretion.

After making changes to the other Production Mode features, click on the Operate option button to perform the Production Mode features, such as Program, Erase, Read, Verify, or Blank Check.

IPE window Operate tab