MPLAB® IPE Installation

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 09:10

64-bit Windows® is required for reasonable performance using MPLAB® X IDE. MPLAB X IDE can run on a 32-bit Windows installation, but will likely experience slower performance. It is recommended to update the operating system to 64-bit Windows prior to installing MPLAB X IDE.

Installation Walkthrough

  1. First, download MPLAB X IDE. (Note: MPLAB IPE is part of the MPLAB X IDE installer.)
  2. Download MPLAB X IDE for Windows.
  3. Open or double-click to launch the installer. Click the Next button.   
  4. Read the agreement and click I accept the agreement to proceed.  
  5. The installation location is shown. You can modify the installation location if necessary.  
  6. Review the options and then click Next.   
  7. All components are selected to install by default. Update as needed. Be sure the MPLAB IPE box is checked.
  8. Click Next twice. The application will begin to install. This will take several minutes.  
  9. The completion screen will appear when the installation is complete. Check the box to launch MPLAB IPE.
  10. Once you click Finish, MPLAB IPE will open and is now ready to use. 

Note: macOS® and Linux® Operating System (OS) installations follow a very similar procedure.

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