Launching the MPLAB® IPE Application

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 09:10

This module focuses on launching the MPLAB® Integrated Programming Environment (IPE) application, main window fields and running multiple instances of MPLAB IPE.

After installing MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software, double-click on the application icon found on the desktop.MPLAB IPE logo icon

The main MPLAB IPE window opens:

The main MPLAB IPE window

MPLAB IPE Main Window Fields

Select Device and Tool 
FamilyFilters devices by family
DeviceChooses the device
ToolSpecifies the tool; click Connect or Disconnect as appropriate
ChecksumChecksum value for the device with current memory
Pass CountDetails the programming operations that passed
Fail CountDetails the programming operations that failed
Total CountThe total amount of programming operations
Command Buttons 
Program (Alt+F5)Programs the device
Erase (Alt+F6)Erases the device
Read (Alt+F7)Reads the device
Verify (Alt+F8)Performs a verify operation on the device
Blank Check (Alt+F9)Checks whether the device is blank
SourceThe hex file location—Browse to locate the file
SQTPThe SQTP file location—Browse to locate the file
More/LessDisplay more or less information
Output TabDisplay of output data. Right-click in the Output window to split the view and show the tools
Tool TabDisplay of specific tool data, i.e., MPLAB PM3 Universal Device ProgrammerMPLAB ICD 3 In-Circuit DebuggerPICkit™ 3. If a tool is connected, right-click in the Output area and select Split View to display the tool tab
Memory ViewDisplays only if the View > Show Memory is selected, this option displays memory addresses, device ID, configuration memory, etc.