MPLAB® IPE Mode Features Matrix

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/01/24 16:41

This section focuses on the MPLAB® Integrated Programming Environment (IPE) mode features matrix.

IPE Production Mode Features Matrix

FeaturesDescriptionProduction Mode Defaults
Import HEX fileLoads the HEX fileOn
Import EnvironmentLoads the Environment fileOff
Import SQTP fileLoads the pre-built a Serial Quick Turn Programming (SQTPSM) fileOff
Export HEX fileSaves all the memory contents into a HEX fileOff
ProgramConnects to hardware tool and performs program operationOn
EraseErases the deviceOn
VerifyVerifies the device against the memory contents of IPEOn
Blank CheckChecks that the device is blankOn
ReadReads the device and fills the read content in memoryOn
Memory View  
Program MemoryDisplays the program memory contentsOff
Auxiliary MemoryDisplays the auxiliary memory contentsOff
Config MemoryDisplays the configuration memory contentsOff
Flash DataDisplays the Flash data memory contentsOff
User IDsDisplays the User ID memory contentsOff
Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM)Displays the data memory contentsOff
Memory Edit  
Program MemoryProgram memory contents can be editedOff
Auxiliary MemoryAuxiliary memory contents can be editedOff
Flash Data MemoryFlash data memory contents can be editedOff
Config MemoryConfiguration memory contents can be editedOff
EEPROMData memory contents can be editedOff
User IDsUser ID memory contents can be editedOff
Save EnvironmentCreates or overwrites the environmentOff
View Memory SettingsViews the memory rangesOn
Edit Memory SettingsChanges the memory rangesOff
View VoltageViews the voltage valuesOn
Edit Voltage SettingsChanges the voltage valuesOff
Create SQTPGenerate the SQTP fileOff
Manual Download FirmwareTo select and download the firmware into the Hardware toolOn
Auto Download FirmwareWhen a tool is connected, the latest firmware (available in the system) will be downloadedOn
Erase All Before ProgramErases the device before programmingOff

Enable ALL MPLAB® IPE Features

Many MPLAB® IPE features that are accessible in the Production mode, by default, are OFF. To make them all fully functional, run the IPE as administrator.