MPLAB® IPE SQTP (SM) File Generation

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/10 11:03

Generating a File

MPLAB® Integrated Programming Environment (IPE) can be used to generate a Serialized Quick Turn ProgrammingTM (SQTPTM) file.

  1. Launch MPLAB IPE.
  2. Select Settings > Advanced Mode. In the Advanced Settings dialog, enter a password to enable Advanced Mode (the factory default is microchip). Click Log on.
  3. Click on the SQTP tab on the left side of the window.
  4. Set up SQTP file generation as described in the following table.

Table: MPLAB IPE SQTP Settings

SettingDescriptionApplies to
Generation Method  
RandomSelect this option to generate unique, random numbers for each part.
There is no guarantee that the numbers will be non-repeating. However, the probability of such an occurrence is infinitesimally small for a reasonably large field.
SQTP Field 5. Data
Pseudo Random: Seed Value (HEX)Select this option to generate a pseudo-random set of non-repeating numbers based on the HEX value you enter in the Seed Value field.
Pseudo-random sequences are, by definition, non-repeating until all possible values are used.
SQTP Field 5. Data
Sequential: Start Value (HEX), Increment (HEX)Select this option to generate sequential numbers based on the starting value specified and increment each number by the amount specified.
The least significant digit is in the lowest memory location. The increment value must be between one and 255. Numbers are always in a hexadecimal format, not in Binary Code Decimal (BCD) or any other format.
SQTP Field 5. Data
Start Address (HEX)Enter the starting address (in HEX) for the serial number.SQTP Field 3. Address
Number of bytes (Dec)Enter the size of the serial number (in decimal).
Make sure a large enough serial number is specified for the number of parts planned to program using this file.
SQTP Field 5. Data
Number of parts (Dec)Enter the number of parts to be programmed using this file.SQTP Field 5. Data
Click Generate to create the SQTP (NUM) file. 
Program Memory, EEPROM,
Auxiliary Memory,
User ID Memory,
Boot Memory,
Flash Data
Select this option to load the SQTP number in the selected memory.Memories to program
Access Method  
Return Literal W (RETLW)Select this option to use a series of RETLW instructions with the serial number bytes as the literal data.
This selection is ignored if not applicable to the device chosen.
See the "MPLAB IPE Usage of RETLW in SQTP File for Midrange and Baseline Devices" page.
8-bit devices
Raw DataSelect this option to use the raw data. This is used for most devices.All PIC® devices and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) devices
Format for Program Space Visibility (PSV)If the Raw Data option is selected, select Format for PSV formats SQTP data to make it compatible with PSV.PIC24, dsPIC devices