MPLAB® IPE Programming of Devices

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Once the Serialized Quick Turn Programming (SQTP℠) file has been produced, load the file into MPLAB® Integrated Programming Environment (IPE). Please see the accompanying image. MPLAB IPE will then program the first device with basic code (including configuration bits) and the first serial number from the SQTP file. Next, it will program the second device with basic code and the second serial number. This will continue until the end of the SQTP file or the number of devices to be programmed is reached.


Then, depending on the settings under the Settings button, the SQTP section programming will halt or continue at the top of the file. Please see the accompanying image. 

IPE SQTP Exhausted

Serial Quick Turn Programming Example

Follow along with this SQTP example where an SQTP file will be created that instructs the IPE to write a sequential value at the start of the EE Data region of the device memory.