Developing with Embedded Linux®

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Embedded Linux® is a popular choice for microprocessor (MPU) development. It is much more than just an operating system. It is a large collection of software libraries, device drivers, networking stacks, software applications, and tools to choose from. There are thousands of developers contributing to its open-source model. And there is a large online community providing tutorials and answering questions in forums to aid the developer.

Browse our selection of educational resources to learn more about how you can develop your next Embedded Linux project with Microchip’s 32-bit MPUs.

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Introductory and Getting Started Lessons

Boot Process

Second Stage Bootloader

Demonstration Programs

Demonstration programs are pre-compiled binaries that can be loaded onto bootable media and run on a variety of MPU evaluation kits.

SAMA5D29-Curiosity Development Board

SAMA7G54-EK Evaluation Kit

ATSAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1 Evaluation Kit

SAM9X60-Curiosity Development Board

SAM9X60-EK Evaluation Kit

Build Tools

Build tools bring together software tools and source code files to create a complete embedded Linux system.


Ensemble Graphics Toolkit (EGT)

The EGT is an open-source graphics software development toolkit that enables you to create modern, responsive Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).

Peripheral Application Examples

Short training topics on the programming of MPU peripherals.