Project Resources in MPLAB® Code Configurator

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/01/22 16:47

When an MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) project is started, three standard project resources or modules are always present. These three resources are:

  • System Module
  • Pin Module
  • Interrupt Module

System Module

The System Module is where some of the core configuration settings are established. The oscillator type and speed are selected along with the watchdog timer. Low-voltage programming Enable can be selected along with Phase Locked Loop (PLL) for higher-speed oscillation. This basic setup screen starts your project setup.

system module

Pin Module

The Pin Module is where the I/O pins are set up. This works closely with the Pin Manager graphical interface that allows you to lock or unlock I/O connections. Set a pin to a digital input, digital output or analog pin by checking the proper blocks in the Pin Module setup screen.

Weak Pull-ups (WPU) can also be enabled in this section.

pin module

Interrupt Module

Interrupts are enabled or disabled in the Interrupt Module. The interrupt service routine will have to be added to the application code but the register setup will be handled by the MCC in this easy setup window.

interrupt module