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For most PIC® microcontrollers, there is at least one Development/Evaluation Board on which you can download and run your application code using MPLAB® X IDE and an appropriate programmer/debugger. These boards offer different sets of I/O features to suit different application requirements.

Microchip's development tool homepage provides a list of the available 8-, 16-, and 32-bit Development Boards. If you are uncertain as to which boards best meet your needs, you can check out Microchip's Development Tool Selector which lists out the development options for each MCU.

example development board

This area contains specialized information pertaining to the utilization of evaluation boards featured in our Developer Help Training materials. For comprehensive details about the boards themselves, we recommend visiting Microchip's Development Boards and Hardware page. This resource provides an extensive range of information, from User Guides to application-specific details relevant to their use on this site. The information provided here is designed to supplement the tools used in our training examples.

Curiosity Development Boards

Curiosity Nano Development Platform

Xplained Boards and Kits

AVR® Xplained Boards

How to Un-Brick an AVR® Xplained Board

16-bit Boards

Explorer 16/32

32-bit Boards and Kits

SAMA7G54-EK Evaluation Kit

SAM9X60-Curiosity Development Board

ATSAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1 Evaluation Kit

SAM9X60-EK Evaluation Kit