SAM9X60-EK Evaluation Kit - Attaching the TM5000 WVGA Display

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In this training, you will attach the TM5000 High-Performance WVGA Display Module with maXTouch® Technology LCD display to the SAM9X60-EK Evaluation Kit.

Features of the WVGA Display Module include:

  • 800 x 480 Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) display
  • maXTouch MXT640
  • QTouch® QT1070 (with four navigation keys)
  • 4 K-bit 1-wire Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM)
  • Integrated Projective Capacitive Touch (PCAP) panel

SAM9X60-EK and WVGA display module

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Assembling the WVGA Display Module to the SAM9X60-EK

To begin assembling the WVGA Display Module to the SAM9X60-EK Evaluation Kit, the WVGA Display Module needs to be prepared.

From the back of the WVGA Display Module, remove the short Flexible Flat Cable (FFC).

short Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) removal

From the back of the WVGA Display Module, remove the four screws holding the MEB adapter to the display. Save the screws.

MEB adapter and 4 screws removal

From the back of the WVGA Display Module, insert the long FFC (included in the SAM9X60-EK) into the J1 connector.

Ensure the silver connectors are down (blue side up). Close the connector by sliding both sides of the inner sleeve into the connector.

Insertion of long FFC

On the top of the SAM9X60-EK, position the WVGA Display Module over the four screw mounts.

 Fasten with the screws saved in Step 2.
positioning WVGA display over mounting holes

From the back of the SAM9X60-EK, open the FFC by flipping up the black level as shown.

Insert the cable into the connector. Close the connector by flipping the black level down.


Be gentle with the lever. Too much force and it can come loose. It can be reinserted if accidentally removed.

inserting FFC into connector

Congratulations! You now have an assembled SAM9X60-EK with WVGA Display Module.

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