Microchip Graphics Suite (MGS)

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The Microchip Graphics Suite (MGS) is a comprehensive toolkit that simplifies the process of incorporating Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), animations, and images into a graphical display. Its embedded GUI development system operates on a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) basis, offering unique features that minimize the time spent on bug fixing and reintegrating code from external tools and libraries. This results in reduced development time, cost, and risk, facilitating the creation of appealing new products for your customers. Additionally, it aids in the migration of the GUI design of existing products between Microchip product families, as well as between MPLAB® Harmony and Linux® environments.

Microchip Graphics Suite (MGS) Harmony User Guide

Available within the MPLAB Harmony embedded software development framework, MGS Harmony is designed specifically to take advantage of the capabilities of Microchip’s high-performance MPUs and 32-bit MCUs.

The MGS Harmony Composer is integrated as part of the MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC). Tightly coupled with the MGS Harmony library (also known as Legato™), this tool lets you easily configure and visually design user interfaces for MGS Harmony applications.

Microchip Graphics Suite (MGS) Linux® User Guide

The MGS Linux (also known as EGT) is an open-source graphics software development toolkit that enables you to create modern, responsive GUIs for consumer, automotive, industrial, and medical end products. With a much lower memory and system performance requirement than equivalent graphics tools like Qt® tools, MGS Linux offers a complete application-level graphics solution that integrates our existing drivers and libraries with the extensive Linux ecosystem. MGS Linux is optimized to provide superior graphical performance and an exceptional user experience with reduced overall system cost and power consumption. 

Microchip Graphics Suite (MGS) Development Kits

Microchip Graphics Development Kits are hardware and software tools provided by Microchip Technology Inc. for the development of GUIs on embedded systems. These kits are designed to help engineers and developers create sophisticated graphics for applications that run on Microchip microcontrollers or microprocessors.