Importing Images Into an MLA Graphics Project

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This page contains information for the Graphics Library found in Microchip Libraries for Applications (MLA). It is not relevant to the MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Library.


This article shows how to use the Graphics Resource Converter (GRC) to import fonts into a Graphics project based on MLA. This tutorial places the imported font into program memory.

Starting the GRC Utility

MLA Installation directory

The GRC is located in the MLA Installation directory:

Linux® and macOS X® users launch the resource converter by executing grc.jar, and Microsoft® Windows® users invoke it by executing launch_grc.bat.

Configuring the GRC
  • From the GRC user interface, select Project then Settings.

  • For this example configure the GRC to place imported images into internal program memory (internal Flash).
  • Set the Graphics Module Bits per pixel to 16 (16 bpp).
  • When working with PIC® MCUs which have an internal graphics module, such as the PIC24FDA series, the Graphics Module option can be selected to set the image format.
  • After configuring the GRC select OK

GRC Settings Dialog

GRC Settings to show Internal Flash and 16 bpp

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Starting the Import Process

To begin importing an image, select File then Add Images.

Add Images Selection

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Selecting the Image to Import

After selecting Add Image, you will be directed to browse and locate either a bitmap or a JPEG image to import into the project. Select the file, then press Open.

In this example, we will use the bitmap image NewImage.bmp.

Microchip Logo Image

Browse and locate either a bitmap or a JPEG image


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Convert the Image

When you have finished selecting the images you wish to import, select Project then Convert.

Convert Image Dialog

Before importing, the GRC will ask you to select a file name and location to store the imported image.

The conversion process will create an assembly file (.s), a c file (.c) and a header file (.h) using the name selected.

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Include the C code and Header file in the MPLAB X Project

The conversion process creates an assembly file (.s), a C file (.c), and a header file (.h) for each imported image. These files need to be included in the MLA Graphics project just as all other source files and header files.

You will have to edit the appropriate files to add a #include for the newly created header file.

The image on the right shows the files for the image NewImage.bmp included in a project which were saved in files with the name of NewImage.*. The three files created are:

  • NewImage.s
  • NewImage.h
  • NewImage_reference.c

All three of these files are added to the project tree automatically by the GRC.

Project Tree showing added Images

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Build the Project

Re-building the project after adding the new image's header and source files makes the image available for use.

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