MLA Installation and Overview

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Downloading and Installing the MLA


Microchip’s Library for Applications (MLA) is a collection of projects demonstrating advanced PIC® MCU capabilities. In addition to embedded graphics, the MLA supports TCP/IP over Ethernet or Wi-Fi, USB, capacitive touch, MDD file System, SmartCard, MiWi™ protocol, and Android development.

MLA projects include the source code for both an example application and the underlying MLA technology. These projects are intended to be starting points for customer product development. The license agreement for the MLA allows customers to modify and use the MLA code on any PIC processor without royalty. See the license agreement for full details.

Reference Materials

Microchip Libraries for Applications


Depending on the operating system used the MLA installation file will either be a .dmg (Apple®), an .exe (Windows®) or a tar'ed .run file (Linux®).

After "untarring" the .run installation Linux users will need to change the file properties to include the execution option in order to run the installation program.

When the installation process begins, you will be directed through these screens:

Setup Dialog

The banner screen announces the beginning of the installation program.

License Agreement

Read and accept the terms of the license to proceed with the installation.

Select Installation Directory

The installation directory. We recommend you keep the installation directory as is.

Ensure Graphics Demo Projects is selected

This screen prompts you to include the various application examples in the installation. In order to complete a graphics design with the MLA, you must select Graphics Demo Projects.

Enter Start Menu Group Name

Select the start menu options.

Begin the installation process dialog

Clicking Next will begin the installation process.

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MLA Directory Structure

The MLA will install a directory called “vYYYY_MM_DD” ( YYYY_MM_DD is the date of the release) in the microchip/mla directory. Multiple copies of the MLA may be concurrently installed on a machine.

MLA Directory Structure Dialog

After installation, the contents of an MLA installation directory would appear as follows. Four of the sub-directories are used for graphics projects.

  1. apps - contains sample projects
  2. bsp - board support package contains code to run common peripherals
  3. doc - help files for all applications
  4. framework - all the source code and header files for the MLA

Subdirectory Organization

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