32-bit Microprocessor Programming and Debugging Tools

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Debugging and Programming Tools

191022 dvtl graph j32 debug probe

Microprocessors (MPUs) contain dedicated debug and test circuitry used for standard debugging functions such as downloading code and single-stepping through programs. An external host computer with an external interface device called a debug probe communicates with the target device.

Debug Probes

Utility Programs

The SAM-BA® In-system Programmer (ISP) is a set of software programs that provides utility functions and in-system read, write, execute and verification of internal and external memories of Arm®-based Microchip MPUs and microcontrollers (MCUs). It consists of an open-source host application program (SAM-BA Host) running on Windows® or Linux® and a monitor program (SAM-BA Monitor) that is embedded in the target device.

SAM-BA ISP - Introduction