Emulation Extension Paks and Emulation Headers

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/12/20 20:12

Emulation extension pak

Buy an Emulation Extension Pak (EEP), get an emulation header. Get an emulation header and get an advanced debugging experience with:

  • Hardware instruction trace (MPLAB® REAL ICE in-circuit emulator only)
  • 32 Runtime data watch points (MPLAB REAL ICE in-circuit emulator only)
  • 32 Powerful hardware breakpoints/trigger events: address/data, ranges, data-masking/comparison, in/out of ISR
  • Runtime register reads/writes and breakpoints
  • 4 event combiners: each combines 8 combinational or sequential events into a single event trigger
  • Stack snapshot
  • Trigger In/Out
  • Event breakpoints
  • Breakpoints and other events can trigger without halting execution
  • Stopwatch cycle counter
  • Previous PC query
  • Breakpoints, trace, stack snapshots, triggers and event combiners use a common set of events for complex triggering

For tools that support emulation headers, see Tool Support.