Connecting Atmel-ICE to AVR and SAM

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/12/15 19:53

The Atmel-ICE probe has two 50-mil 10-pin JTAG connectors accessible on the front of the tool's enclosure. Both connectors are directly electrically connected but conform to two different pinouts - the AVR® JTAG header and the ARM Cortex Debug header.

The connector should be selected based on the pinout of the target board, and not the target MCU type. For example, a SAM device mounted in an AVR STK600 Starter Kit should use the AVR header.

Various cabling and adapters are available in the different Atmel-ICE kits. An overview of connection options is shown in the accompanying image.

Atmel-ICE Connection Options

Atmel-ICE adapter options