Hardware Tool Debug Features by Device

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 09:10

All CPU cores found in Microchip MCUs implement additional hardware debug logic which works together with external hardware debuggers to implement one or more of the following debug features:

  • Processor halt and single-step
  • Processor core register access
  • Program Memory Breakpoints
  • Data Memory Breakpoints
  • Software Breakpoints
  • Instrumented Trace
  • PC Profiling
  • Among others...

Debug Executive Internal Debug Registers

Debug Features By Device

To determine what debug operations/features are supported for your MCU using a specific hardware debugger, open the Hardware Tool Debug Features by Device page in your local MPLAB X IDE Support Documentation.

MPLAB X IDE support documentation page

Here is an example listing the variety of debug features supported for the PIC16F1825 MCU over all the currently supported hardware debuggers. You can look at the complete list of Hardware Tool Debug Features by Device here.

hardware tool debug features table