32-bit Device Limitations - PIC32M

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/10 11:03

  • Debug and Programming Limitations - PIC® MCUs
  • Data breakpoints on store operations may not work correctly.
  • The Application In/Out function cannot be used with PIC32M instruction trace (EM).
  • You cannot single step through an interrupt. Due to hardware restrictions, the debugger/emulator cannot jump to the interrupt vector memory location in Single Step mode.
  • Corruption of RAM during a read. During a read performed by the debugger/emulator, code will be pushed into memory at location 0xA0000800. Anything residing in this RAM area will be overwritten.
  • PIC32M MCUs only have an 8-bit pass count register. Therefore, the pass count range is limited to 0-255.

For PIC32MX1xx/2xx Devices Only

  • No Software breakpoint support on PIC32MX110/120/130/150/210/220/230/250Fxxxx devices. Due to memory sizes, there may only be hardware breakpoints.

For PIC32MZ Devices Only

  • A frozen peripheral can unfreeze when single stepping at or immediately after instructions that perform a read-modify-write on the Peripheral Control register.
    Workaround: Either use atomic Set/Clear registers such as T1CONSET or do not single step too close to instructions that modify xCON registers.