Installing MPLAB® XC8 C Compiler

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Download MPLAB® XC8 Installer

MPLAB® XC8 Compiler for your operating system.  The compiler downloads are about halfway down the page.

Download the installer appropriate to your operating system.


Run Installer for Windows

Go to the location where you downloaded the installer. Unzip the downloaded file and run the installer:

Depending on your Windows security settings, you may get a window asking if you are sure you want to run this program.

Answer Yes.


Run Installer for Linux

You may need to make the file executable. In a terminal, go to the directory where you downloaded the installer and run the command:​chmod u+x

Then as root or using sudo, run the installer:

sudo ./


Run Installer for Mac

Go to the location where you downloaded the installer. Double-click on the downloaded file to unpack it and run the installer:

You may get a warning message window. You can click on Open to continue.

warning message about running downloaded files

Your computer's login and password need to be entered if you have enabled that protection for new installations. If you don't have a password enabled you can just click on OK to continue.

username and password window

All the rest of the steps are the same for all three operating systems 


Click Next >

Click image to enlarge.

Accept License Agreement

Click on the radio button next to I accept the agreement.

Click Next >

Click image to enlarge.

Choose Installer

If you are installing the compiler for use on your machine only, click on the radio button next to Install compiler.

If you have a network license and are installing on a server, click on the radio button next to Install the Network License Server.

Click Next >

Click image to enlarge.

Installation Type

If you selected a network license server, provide the name of the network license server.

Click Next >


Click image to enlarge.

Installation Directory

Use the default installation location or choose a different one, if you prefer.

Click Next >


Click image to enlarge.

Compiler Settings
  • Apply settings to all users of this machine
    • Leave checked or uncheck if required in your environment.
  • Add xc8 to the PATH environment variable
    • Not generally required unless you plan to use XC8 from the command line (terminal or script).

Click Next >


Click image to enlarge.

Ready to Install Compiler

Click Next >


Click image to enlarge.


Wait while the installer unpacks and installs all the files.


Click image to enlarge.

Licensing Information

Click Next > if you:

  • Have activated a license on a previous version of MPLAB XC8.
  • Wish to use the free version of the compiler (some optimization features disabled).

Otherwise, choose to:

  • Purchase a license (to receive an activation key that will unlock the Standard or Pro optimization features).
  • Use the Pro evaluation version (reverts to the free version after 60 days).
  • Provide an activation key.

Click Next >


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Installation Complete

Click Finish


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