Working With GitHub in MPLAB® Xpress

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Store Projects in GitHub

The new MPLAB® Xpress is able to access projects stored on GitHub, Bitbucket, or your own Git repository. For this discussion, the focus will be on GitHub.

GitHub is a platform where you can store, share, and version control your MPLAB Xpress projects. It is built on the Git version control software.

If you have existing projects in the old MPLAB Xpress, you can save and migrate them to GitHub and then easily access them in the new MPLAB Xpress.

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Saving Projects for Migration

To save your old MPLAB Xpess projects to your local computer so they may be migrated to GitHub, click to view the video link above or follow these steps.

In the old MPLAB Xpress, open the project you wish to export.
Select File > Package as MPLAB Project.
The project will be zipped and saved to your local machine.

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Migrating Projects to GitHub

Once you have saved your old MPLAB Xpress projects to your local computer, you can move them to GitHub.

Sign In

Go to the GitHub home page and sign in or sign up for an account.

If you are new to GitHub, follow the guidance on the main page after you log in. Useful resources are:

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Create a Repository

create new repository

Create a repository for one of your projects.

In the upper right corner, next to your avatar, click and then select New repository.
Name your repository with the name of your project.
Write a short description.
To write a longer description of your project, leave Initialize this repository with a README selected.
Click Create repository.

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Save Project Files to Repository

save project file to repository

To move the project to the GitHub repository:

Unzip the project file to your PC.
On the GitHub repository page:
Drag and drop the project folder (Project.X) to the repository space. GitHub will add all the files to your repository.
Click the Upload Files button. Move the project files into the space provided to add them to your repository.
Add a description and click Commit Changes.

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Accessing GitHub From MPLAB Xpress

Select File > Git to enter the location of a Git repository with one of your projects. Then enter your username and password to clone the repository to your workspace. Once cloned, the project will open in MPLAB Xpress.

To re-open the project at another time, use File > Open Project to find and open the project.

Go to View > Git Controls to access all the Git features like push, pull, merge, create branch, etc.

Find GitHub examples on the "Microchip PIC & AVR Examples" page.

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