Introduction to the New MPLAB® Xpress

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 09:13

Get started working with the new MPLAB® Xpress by reviewing requirements, logging into myMicrochip, and finding example projects.

Before You Begin

Ensure you have a browser that supports MPLAB Xpress:

  • Google™ Chrome™
  • Mozilla™ Firefox™

Support for these browsers is being developed:

  • Apple® Safari®
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge®

Accessing MPLAB Xpress

Go to the website to get started using the new MPLAB Xpress.

You will be asked to log into your myMicrochip account to access MPLAB Xpress. This will enable a personal MPLAB Xpress work environment for developing and saving projects.

If you need to register first, you will need to click the link above to return to the MPLAB Xpress sign-on page.

MPLAB Xpress login window

Once you sign on there may be a delay. If it takes more than two minutes, refresh the screen browser refresh screen icon.

Wait for the progress bar to finish

Using Example Projects

Find example projects as follows:

  • Click on the icon for MPLAB Discover,  and search for example projects.
  • Use Git to open projects migrated from the previous MPLAB Xpress. See the next section for details.

Creating Your Own Code

Create a new project in MPLAB Xpress by clicking mplab x new file icon. Then:

  • Generate your own code using source code templates. Right click on the Source Files folder in your project
  • Use MPLAB Code Configurator to help you create code for your application. You don't need to add any source files to your new project; MCC will generate the files, even main(), for you. You can then edit main() to make use of the code generated in the other files for your application

For more on projects, see MPLAB X IDE Projects.