LDO Regulators Features and Applications

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Microchip's High-Performance Low Dropout (LDO) voltage regulators offer a wide variety of solutions including ultra-small packaging, high-output current, high-input voltage capability, low-quiescent current, and low-noise performance.

LDO Features

  • Better Efficiency – enhance the efficiency by providing lower quiescent current (IQ) and lower dropout voltages across the input and output. Target applications include always-on devices, camera modules, low-output-voltage core power supply applications, and low-power sensors.
  • Smaller Solution Size – minimize solution size by providing capacitor-less (capless) LDOs and multiple output (combo) LDOs. Target applications include touch screens, LCD controllers, camera modules, Integrated Circuits (ICs) requiring multiple power rails and sensors.
  • Noise Performance – enhance the noise performance by providing high Power Supply Rejection (PSRR), ultra-low output noise and fast transient response. Target applications include camera sensors, audio Digital Signal Controllers (DSPs), Bluetooth®, wireless transceivers, and noise-sensitive mixed-signal ICs.

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LDO Applications



  • MIC943XX Family (Ripple Blocker™ Technology)
    • > 60 dB PSRR @ 40 kHz to 5 MHz


  • MIC528X Series, MAQ528X
    • Input voltage up to 120V
  • MIC2975X Series
    • Output current up to 7.5A

Portable Equipment


  • MCP5501/2/3/4
    • 300 mA, 1×1 mm DFN

Battery-Powered Equipment

  • MCP1703A
    • Low IQ of 2 μA
    • Wide input voltage up to 16V

Power Check Design Service

Power Check is Microchip’s online design review service that helps in the successful use of Microchip power management devices in your design.

Our team of engineers will review and provide guidance on the schematic, component selection, and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout of your design that utilizes power management devices such as our DC/DC switching regulators, LDO regulators, Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) controllers, Digitally Enhanced Power Analog (DEPA) controllers, Power Management ICs (PMICs), MOSFET drivers and other products.

The online design review service is subject to Microchip's Design Check Services Program Terms and Conditions and requires a myMicrochip account.

Power Check Design Service flowchart

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Instructions to Open a Support Request

1. Navigate to Microchip Technical Support Portal and click on the Log in / Register button.

2. Then click on My Cases.

3. Click on New Case and select Value Added Services for the Case Reason.

4. Enter a Subject and a Target Device.

5. Select Design Review for the Category and Power Check for the Sub-Category. Press the Next button.

6. Enter any details for the request under Issue Description and press the Next button.

7. Enter any additional information and press the Submit and Add Attachment button.

8. Attach the design files (schematics, layout, components, and BOM) and press the Done button.

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