Digital Compensator Design Tool: Getting Started

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Digital Compensator Design Tool Installation

The following steps describe how to install the Digital Compensator Design Tool (DCDT) Plugin.

If MPLAB® X IDE is already installed, go to Step 2. If not, download MPLAB X IDE.
Tools > Plugins: click on the Available Plugins tab, select Digital Compensator Design Tool Plugin, and click Install.

Accept the DCDT Plugin license agreements and then click Install.

Digital compensator design tool plugin install available

Digital compensator design tool license agreement

Download the digital compensator design tool

After installation has completed, click Finish to restart MPLAB X IDE.

Restart the digital compensator design tool

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Launch DCDT

Select Tools > Embedded > Digital Compensator Design Tool.

Layout of the digital compensator design tool upon launch

The DCDT Chooser window appears. You can either open an existing project or create a new one.

Digital compensator chooser tool, open an existing project or start a new one

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Create New Project

Select Tools > Embedded > Digital Compensator Design Tool. Click Create a new project and the DCDT project window appears. You can create a Single-Loop System, Peak Current Mode Control, import an existing project, or open an example project.

Digital compensator design tool new project window

When creating a new project, the name and path of the folder need to be specified. The DCDT Graphical User Interface (GUI) uses this folder as the active project path and all the generated GUI files are saved in this location. It is not possible to create two projects using the same folder path (project location); you must create a separate folder for each project.

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Import Existing Project

This option copies all the settings from a previously created DCDT project into a new folder and allows you to give a new name to the project.

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