Analog Sensor Conditioning Circuits

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Basic Signal Conditioning Circuits

This module is organized by the sensor's electrical properties. For each sensor electrical property described, one or more conditioning circuits are shown along with their advantages, disadvantages, and sensor examples.

Voltage Sensors

  1. Non Inverting Gain Amplifier
  2. Inverting Gain Amplifier
  3. Difference Amplifier
  4. Instrumentation Amplifier
  5. Programmable Gain Amplifier

Current Sensors

  1. Resistive Detector
  2. Transimpedance (Gm) Amplifier
  3. Logarithmic Amplifier

Resistive Sensors

  1. Voltage Divider
  2. Wheatstone Bridge

Capacitive Sensors

  1. RC Decay
  2. Capacitive Wheatstone Bridge

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