Energy Management Utility Software Chart Features

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/10 11:06

Energy Management Utility Icon

The Energy Management Utility software provides a simple and effective way to evaluate the performance of Microchip's Analog Front End (AFE) products, such as MCP3910MCP3911MCP3913, and MCP3914. The easy-to-use chart features allow you to view the waveforms of various parameters and zoom in/out of different areas of the waveforms.

Zoom In

Click and drag the cursor over an area in the chart where you would like to zoom in. Release the mouse when you have finished selecting the area.

zoom in

Zoom Out

In order to fully zoom out, click on the highlighted buttons shown in the accompanying figure.

zoom out

Clicking on the Zoom Out button will only zoom out on the corresponding X or Y axes.

X-axis Zoom Out

x-axis zoom out

Y-axis Zoom Out

y-axis zoom out

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