Get Started with Energy Management Utility Software

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/10 11:06

Install the Energy Management Utility Software.

Run the installer and follow the instructions given by the installer. As part of the software installation, a driver will need to be installed in order for the evaluation board to communicate with the software. Accept any prompts from the operating system, if permission is needed for this driver installation.

Driver Software Installation status check bubble

Driver Software Installation window

A COM number will be assigned to the device (the actual number may vary).

Driver Software Installation window ready

Once the installer finishes, you will have a Start menu entry in the Microchip folder labeled with the name of the software: Energy Management Utility.

Energy Management Utility logo

Plug the device into the PC.

Allow sufficient time for the device to enumerate and be assigned a COM port number.

Start the Energy Management Utility application. The attached board should be automatically recognized. If not, click the Connect button in the top-right-hand corner of the application and allow a moment for a list of connected boards to generate.

Energy Management Utility application window

If the application was successfully connected to the evaluation board, you will see the board number at the top of the Energy Management Utility Window, waveform windows, and the measurement parameters.

Energy Management Utility application waveform window

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