PIC32MX Oscillator - System Clock (SYSCLK)

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System Clock (SYSCLK) Generation

SYSCLK diagram

The System Clock (SYSCLK) provides the time base for the CPU, peripheral clock, Direct Memory Access (DMA), interrupts, and Flash. SYSCLK is determined from one of the input clocks shown in the diagram: System Phased Lock Loop output (POSC or FRC with PLL), Primary OscillatorFast RC oscillatorFRCDIV16FRCDIVLow-Power RC Oscillator, or Secondary Oscillator.

The PIC32MZ uses the Peripheral Bus Clock #7 (PBCLK7) to drive the core as SYSCLK.

The default configuration for SYSCLK is programmable and can also be changed at run-time. See the code examples below.

// default system clock = FRCDIV
#pragma config FNOSC = FRCDIV
// default system clock = Primary OSC (XT, HS, EC) with PLL
#pragma config FNOSC = PRIPLL
// run-time config SYSCLK = FRCDIV
// run-time config SYSCLK = POSC with PLL