Learn MPLAB® Extensions for Visual Studio Code

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/06/24 06:21

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MPLAB® Extensions for Microsoft® Visual Studio® Code (VS Code®) represent a groundbreaking integration of Microchip's robust development tools with one of the most popular code editors, VS Code. This suite of extensions is designed to streamline the development process for both new and seasoned developers who rely on Microchip's comprehensive device support and toolset.

What are MPLAB Extensions?

The MPLAB X IDE extensions for VS Code offer a seamless integration into the VS Code environment, allowing developers to utilize the power of the MPLAB development ecosystem while working within a familiar and versatile interface. These extensions support all Microchip devices, ensuring compatibility and ease of use regardless of the product. Starting with simple project import features that ease the transition from MPLAB X IDE, basic debugging and programming capabilities, and an extension to utilize the MPLAB Data Visualizer, the journey begins towards a more integrated, robust experience for development with Microchip devices inside VS Code. Additionally, these extensions are released under early access, meaning they are available for users to test new features and provide feedback, contributing to the future development of the extensions.

Microchip is committed to the continuous enhancement of our development tools, aiming to meet the needs of modern developers and integrate with the VS Code community. This commitment represents just the beginning of ongoing efforts to adapt and improve our toolset. Developers are encouraged to join in this evolution by exploring the capabilities of the MPLAB Extensions for VS Code, offering feedback, and helping to shape a more flexible and powerful development ecosystem. For more information, detailed guides, tutorials, and resources are available below.

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