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This section focuses on getting the MPLAB® IPE help and the MPLAB IPE user guide. The Help menu within the MPLAB IPE provides access to the online user’s guide and information about the MPLAB IPE. The MPLAB® IPE User's Guide is also available as a PDF.

  • Readme Docs
  • Help Contents
  • Tool Help Contents
  • About

Readme Docs

This menu selection contains the MPLAB IPE Readme and Programmer Command-line Readme documents.

IPE Menu Help Readme

Release Notes

Readme Docs >  Programmer Command-line Readme menu

Release Notes for Programmer Command-line Interfaces

Help Contents

Under Help > Help Contents a new dialog box opens. You can now browse the topics on the left to open a list of available help files. 

Tool Help Contents lists help for several Microchip Tools. 

 Help > Help Contents menu


For Product Version, System Information, and other IPE post-installation information, select About.

About menu