MPLAB® IPE Settings Menu

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Settings Display

The Settings menu provides access to the Advanced Mode. Select Settings > Advanced Mode to display the login dialog. Once the login is validated, additional settings can be set by authorized personnel.

In addition to accessing the Advanced Mode, the Settings Menu also provides access to many options. These options are shown as active or unavailable (grayed out). Menu items that are active and have a checkmark indicate that the production specialist can control these settings. Menu options that are unavailable and have a checkmark indicate that these options have been set in the Advanced Mode, but that the production specialist cannot control these settings. Menu items that are active and do not have a checkmark indicate that authorized personnel can access them. Menu options that are not enabled for Production Mode are shown as grayed menu items.

This figure shows the Settings Menu Options in Advanced Mode. Because we are now in Advanced Mode, the Advanced Mode under Settings is grayed out.  

ipe settings advanced mode

Note that Hold in Reset has a bullet next to it.  This setting prevents the code from running after programming. If you prefer to have the code execute immediately after programming, select the Release from Reset option.  Detailed descriptions of each menu setting are found in the Settings Menu Options table.

ipe settings hold in reset

Settings Menu Options

The following table describes each Settings Menu Options.

Advanced ModeThis option opens the Advanced Mode login dialog. Refer to Setting Up the Programmer and Advanced Mode Options for more information.
Verify Device ID Before ProgramThis option is only appropriate when using devices that have device IDs.
Erase All Before ProgramThis option is used to control whether or not the contents of the device will be erased before it is programmed. It is not applicable to One-Time-Programmable (OTP). When the Erase All Before Program option is enabled (i.e., the checkbox is checked), the device will be erased before it is programmed. If it is disabled (unchecked), the device will not be erased before it is programmed.
Auto Download FirmwareIf this option is selected, the application verifies the firmware is the latest available and, if needed, downloads the newer firmware automatically.
Manual Download FirmwareThis option enables the manual download of firmware.
Hold in ResetThis option prevents the code from running after programming.
Release from ResetThis option releases Reset and allows the code to run.
CommunicationThis option enables communication to be set for COM or USB ports.