Launch Memory Xplorer

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How to Launch Microchip's Memory Xplorer

Install and double-click on the Memory Xplorer application icon on the desktop:

Memory Xplorer Icon

Or Windows Start Menu > Memory Xplorer (folder) > Memory Xplorer (application):

Memory Xplorer Start Menu Shortcut

After Memory Xplorer opens, you'll see the Editor Panel (Home Page).

Memory Xplorer Editor Panel (Home Page)

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Editor Panel (Home Screen) Overview

The Editor Panel provides helpful information even before a device is attached.

Pulldown Menus

  • File > Exit
    • Closes Memory Xplorer application and associated windows, e.g., Embedded User Guide.

Memory Xplorer File Menu

  • Tools > Firmware Reload
    • Launches Firmware Update Wizard to update USB Base Board firmware update process for latest device support. 

Tools > Firmware Reload menu

  • Help > User Guide
    • Launches a new window for the embedded Memory Xplorer User Guide.
  • Help > Contact Support
    • Launches a browser window to Microchip Support with links to design and technical support, quality and reliability information, product change notifications and more.
  • Help > About
    • Displays current Memory Xplorer version, date and release notes.

Memory Xplorer Help Menu

Select a Device Panel

  • Lists the serial EEPROM devices and their attributes supported by the current version of Memory Xplorer. This list can be filtered by protocol and/or density using the respective pulldown menus. The Select a Device pane includes:
    • Part Name
    • Protocol
    • Density
    • Special features (if the device supports them)

Note: Do not select your device at this time. That will be done later in the lesson.

Memory Xplorer Select a Device Panel

The Product Page link takes you to the product page of the selected serial EEPROM device.

Memory Xplorer Product Page Link

The User Guide link launches the online user guide.

Memory Xplorer User Guide Link

Event Log Window

At this point, the event log will show that an evaluation kit is not currently connected.

Memory Xplorer Event Log

What's Next?

Now Memory Xplorer is launched, you can set up the hardware. See the "Memory Xplorer Evaluation Kit Setup" page for this procedure. 

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