Memory Xplorer Troubleshooting

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/03/28 12:41

Here is a list of issues and solutions that you may experience. If you run into an issue that is not addressed here, please contact us through the Microchip Technical Support Portal. We're happy to help!

Connection Error

Connection errors can be caused by using the wrong socket board for the serial Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) protocol. Socket boards are dedicated to one protocol (Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) or Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)) and must match the device’s protocol. See the "Memory Xplorer Evaluation Kit Setup" page for information.

“Not able to read device” or “Please Connect USB Eval Kit!” Error

Verify that the socket board and device are connected correctly. Refer to "Memory Xplorer Evaluation Kit Setup" page for details.

Read Error in Event Log

Memory Xplorer could be reading an unimplemented memory location. Verify the device selected in Memory Xplorer matches the device in the socket.

Start Button Does Not Turn Green for Selected Device

Verify that the device protocol selected in the protocol filter matches the selected device. Refer to the "Editor Panel (Home Screen) Overview" section of the "Memory Xplorer Editor Panel" page.

Unable to Reinstall Memory Xplorer

The previous version must be uninstalled before reinstallation. See the "Memory Xplorer Installation" page for the procedure.

USB Device Not Recognized by Windows®

Ensure the USB Base Board and Socket Board 5 x 2 connectors are aligned correctly.

Hex Edit Memory Viewer Not Updating

If Memory Xplorer has been running for extended periods, it has been observed that the Hex Edit Memory Viewer may not update as expected. To correct this issue, return to the Device Selection process (File > Device Selection) and select the device again or close Memory Xplorer and relaunch it. 

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