Emulation Header Features

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/12/22 13:34

Emulation header features depend on the debug tool used. The following table shows a list of all available emulation header features, and which features are supported on which tool. Use the links in the table for more information on that feature.

Table: Emulation Header Features by Hardware Tool

Runtime Watches
(see also Runtime Watch, Breakpoint, and Trace Resources)
Real Time Hardware Instruction Trace
(see also Runtime Watch, Breakpoint, and Trace Resources)
Hardware Address/Data Breakpoints
  • Range Breakpoints
  • Data Value Comparison
  • Data Value Mask
  • Trigger Out Operation
  • Interrupt Context Detection
Enhanced Event Breakpoints
  • Execution Out-of-Bounds Detection
  • Break on Trigger In/Emit Trigger Out
Event Combiners
  • Complex Breakpoint Sequence
  • Complex Breakpoint Latched-And
  • Complex Breakpoint Nesting
Stopwatch Cycle Counter
Trigger In/Out
View Hardware Stack On Halt
Previous Program Counter
Background Debug
RI = MPLAB® REAL ICE In-Circuit Emulation
ICD3 = MPLAB ICD 3 In-Circuit Debugger
PK3 = MPLAB PICkit™ 3 In-Circuit Debugger